Midsayapeños! Madamo gid na salamat! Daghang Salamat! Maraming Salamat! Salamat kanyayo amin!Thank you for the very successful celebration of the 83rd Founding Anniversary and the SAYAP Sinuga Festival 2019.We can’t hardly express our utmost gratitude for the thousands of people who supported and patronized our events. From successful and fully packed pageants, the most awaited sport events, the different exhibitions, the IP celebrations, Pista sa Banwa, Palarong Pinoy, Civic Activities, Community Parade and all other events that are too many to mention, we thank you for the love and support!One Sayap, One Home, One People is indeed an appropriate theme for us this year as we have shown our unity, camaraderie and the natural bayanihan attitude of Midsayapeños!Thanks to all the sponsors who made a big contribution for the success of our events. For the personalities who have shared their part, thank you and may God return all your goodness ten folds!To our beloved Mayor Romeo Araña and Vice Mayor Manuel Rabara, thank you for the support and trust. To our Municipal Councilors, thank you for your sacrifices and hardwork. Thank you for showing us your dedication, truly you epitomize leadership in action!To the teachers, schools, parents, students, civic group organizations and all other associations, thank you!Let us continue to live harmoniously in ONe SAYAP, in our ONE HOME and as ONE PEOPLE.MASAYANG MIDSAYAP!#MidsayapTourism #MasayangMidasayap #MidsayapAngSayaSaya #83rdFoundingAnniversary #SAYAPSinugbaFestival #ONESAYAPONEHOMEONEPEOPLE