The Municipal Assessor’s Office is in charge of the Municipality’s appraisal and assessment services of Real Properties (Land, Building and Machinery) as well as Tax Mapping and Land Identification Services.

Assessor Office
Head of Office Contact Number Citizen’s Charter
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Functional Statement

  1. Perform all the duties and functions related to the appraisal at current value and the assessment for the taxation purposes of real property within the municipality.
  2. Conduct frequent and regular ocular inspection trips to check and determine whether all real property within the municipality are correctly assessed and properly listed in the assessment role.
  3. Validate tax declaration preparatory to payment of realty tax assessment thereon and coordinate with municipal treasurer in the collection of the real estate taxes for the current year.
  4. Appraise and assess real property within the municipality for taxation purposes.


  1. To have appraised and assessed real property within the municipality for taxation purposes.
  2. To have maintained system of property identification in accordance with the fully installed RPTA system, particularly the proper records management of the declaration, property ownership index and assessment.
Services Offered
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