The Municipal Engineering Office shall effectively implement quality public infrastructures in the municipality of that conform to accepted standards.

Engineering Office
Head of Office Contact Number Citizen’s Charter
Engr. Antonio P. Relles, Jr. (064) 229-8650 Download/View
Functional Statement

  1. Initiate review and recommend charges in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works.
  2. Administer, coordinate, supervise and control to constructions, maintenance, improvements and repair of roads, bridges and other local engineering and public works, projects of the local government.


  1. To provide engineering services to the local government, including investigation and survey, engineering designs, feasibility and projects management.
  2. To provide technical supervision over all infrastructure projects.
Services Offered
  1. Building Permit
  2. Requirements:

    • Lot Title
    • Tax
    • Plans & Estimates
    • Barangay Clearance
    • BFP Endorsement (BFP)
    • DPWH Clearance (If Along National Highway)
    • Lease Contract (If Renting)
    • Building Permit Form
    • Electrical Permit Form
    • Plumbing Permit Form
    • General Conditions & Specifications
    • Structural Analysis (For Two-Storey & Up)
    • Construction Safety & Health Program
  3. Sanitary/Plumbing Permit
  4. Certificate of Occupancy
  5. Mechanical Permit
  6. Temporary Sidewalk Enclosure and Occupancy Permit
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Demolition Permit
  9. Fencing Permit
  10. Sign Permit
  11. Electrical Permit
  12. Certification of Final Electrical/Inspection Completion