Midsayap, it’s time!

The SAYAP Sinugba Festival season is finally here. This years’ festivity gives emphasis to our iconic symbol “The SAYAP”.

Our festival has grown throughout the years and now has evolved with a plethora of events hence the acronym “S.A.Y.A.P.” with “Sugbahan sa Kadalanan” as the highlight!

This years theme “ONE SAYAP. ONE HOME. ONE PEOPLE” celebrates the diverse and world class talents and skills of Midsayapeños in the field of arts, sports, trade and culture.

One Sayap – signifies the “Sayap”, the iconic symbol of our Municipality in which Midsayapeños has long been associating themselves with.

One Home – a declaration of Midsayapeños pride and love for our town in which throughout the years have fostered the people in becoming globally competitive.

One People – a celebration of the unique history and diverse people living in Midsayap wherein for years have resulted to a harmonious and peaceful relationship.

Excited to know the activities? Watch out for our further announcements!

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