On June 12, 2018, the Municipality of Midsayap commemorated the 120th Philippine Independence Day Celebration with the theme “KALAYAAN 2018: PAGBABAGONG IPINAGLABAN, ALAY SA MASAGANANG KINABUKASAN”. The event cherishes the fervent spirit of the Filipino People in taking pride of the Freedom and the Independence achieved after years of being a Spanish Colony.

This year’s celebration also seeks to inspire all Filipinos to look back and give significance to the changes brought forth by the Independence. It also marks a pivotal point in the country’s history contributing to the growth and progress of the Philippine’s current standing as one of the fastest developing nations today.

The Independence Day celebration in Midsayap started with an invocation led by Ustadz Dadting Ali Eman, Chairman of the Council or Elders and by Father Harold H. Lagnaoda, OMI. It was then followed by a Flag Raising activity in front of the Municipal Hall as well as the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the Midsayap Hymn conducted by Ms. Virginia C. Amanon, MT-SPED Coordinator, MPES. A powerful short skit portraying the Filipino struggles and the death of Dr. Jose P. Rizal was then presented by the students of Dilangalen National High School. After which was the offering ceremony paying homage to Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the country’s National Hero. The ceremony was headed by the members of the Knights of Columbus Council of Midsayap under the Leadership of Mr. Mario Cacabelos, President of the K of C Council of Midsayap. Different offices, agencies, institutions and schools from different districts honored the National Hero by presenting beautiful bouquet of flowers in front of his monument.

The second part of the program was held at the Municipal Plaza which was participated by various organizations and establishment of Midsayap. The participants were serenated by the talented Glee Club members of Southern Christian College who rendered a stunning performance.

Different heads of offices were also present during the event. Ms. Queenee Annisse A. Sucol, MLGOO, welcomed the participants by giving her opening speech, thanking everyone’s proactive participation to the program. The Municipal Councilors of Midsayap were also represented by the Honorable Councilor Dr. Vivencio V. Deomampo, Jr. who also gave a message of hope and enthusiasm to the constituents of Midsayap.

The celebration was also graced by the Honorable Vice-Mayor Albert Luis L. Garduque who gave an inspiring speech in behalf of Honorable Mayor D. Araña. Vice-Mayor Garduque expressed his sincerest gratitude to all the Midsayapeños who took part in this year’s Independence Day celebration. He also conveyed the sacrifices of the Filipino for bearers who displayed an undying bravery and valor for the country’s Independence. He also encouraged the Midsayapeños to further strengthen their bond and to contribute for the progress of the Municipality of Midsayap and the Philippines in general.

The celebration was also fortunate to have Mr. Avelino F. Edralin, Veterans Post – President of Midsayap, who gave a short message encouraging different sectors of the society and most specially the youth to continue their support to the Local Government of Midsayap. Honorable Councilor Maria Belen B. Sabio rendered her closing remarks by highlighting the contribution of women in attaining the country’s independence and the achievements accomplished by women for the progress of the nation.

Midsayap’s 120th Independence Day celebration was even made more successful with the ever supportive participants from different schools and districts of Midsayap. The participating schools were Southern Christian College, St. Jude College of Science and Technology, Dilangalen National High School, Villarica High School, the Central District under Ms. Emily Socorro G. Salanatin, North District under Ms. Evangeline M. Tiwaquen, South District under Mr. Elmer V. Castro,South West District under Ms. Ma. Vilma Q. Esteban and the West District under Ms. Noria G. Mandigan. One outstanding presentation, worth mentioning, was delivered by Ms. Jocelyn Fresnoza from the Local Civil Registration Office of Midsayap who gave a splendid performance of the song “Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas”.

The Local Government of Midsayap will ever be committed in instilling to its constituents the value of Nationalism by imparting the importance of the sacrifices brought by the brave heroes who fought for Independence. Even more so, the Local Government of Midsayap remains true to its commitment in initiating people’s participation in the programs and activities that aims to make its constituents balanced, responsible and morally upright citizens, contributing to the progress of the nation.

Jesus B. Escondida, Jr.
Municipal Administrator